Go Nuts & Cravings 
cookbooks published by Touchwood Editions
Beautiful British Columbia Magazine Fall 2011 page 11
Writes "Toast fall with nuts" and pairs Debbie's "Brie and Walnut Stuffed Figs" with an article about the Gellatly Nut Farm + 3 on-line recipes to try.

December 8 & December 14, 2010, Eric Akis of the Times Colonist
writes in the TC & The Vancouver Province: "she uses richness, 
texture and fine taste of nuts in some yummy creations........

Friday, November 12, 2010
Monica Stark of January Magazine writes:
"Go Nuts: Recipes that Really Shell Out" is a winner. Clear
instructions, versatile recipes and a simple, uncluttered design........

October 25, 2010
Eat Magazine lists Five picks for the Season:
Go Nuts by Debbie Harding - "A whole cookbook dedicated to nuts?
Brilliant. From savory to sweet..................."

~ New ideas with tasty results

~ Traditional favorites to unique

~ Easy to follow recipes

~ Helpful conversion chart

~ Available ingredients

​Nutritional analysis of recipes

~ Helpful hints and cooking tips

~ Easy to moderate difficulty

~ Fun foods to enjoy at home